WXPM v.3020

WXPM generates the monthly weather statistics file used in EPIC (Erosion/Productivity Impact Calculator) and APEX (Agricultural Policy/Environmental eXtender Model), (Sharpley & Williams 1990a,b).  It reads daily weather records and calculates long term averages and standard deviations for precipitation, maximum and minimum temperatures, precipitation skewness coefficient (the third standardized moment calculated from the third central moment divided by the cube of the standard deviation) , the average number of wet days per month, and the probabilities of a wet day following wet and dry days.  If available, it also generates averages for solar radiation, relative humidity and windspeed.  The release of WXPM is restricted to those researchers and individuals working with the modeling team to enhance scientific understanding or application of the model.  We encourage those with interest or modification of the model to contact us at epicapex@brc.tamus.edu.


WXPM License Agreement

This software (WXPM) is covered by the GNU General Public License © agreement: By downloading the source code, you agree to these terms.


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