WinAPEX for APEX v.0806

WinAPEX is a whole farm (small watershed) production-risk management model designed to help agricultural practitioners optimize crop management and maximize production and profit, to identify limitations to crop yield, and to identify best management practices that minimize the impact of agriculture on soil erosion and water quality at the farm and field level. It is a windows-based application of the APEX (Agricultural Policy/ Environmental extender) model originally developed by the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station that simulates the interaction of natural resources (soil, water, climate) and crop management practices to estimate impacts on harvested crop yield, soil properties, soil erosion, profitability, and nutrient/pesticide fate on a whole farm scale.

Begin Downloading WinAPEX0806

Download the WinAPEX0806 Executable

NOTE: For the program to install and operate efficiently, we recommend the user have 1.0 GB of available space on the hard drive.

  • Complete the steps in the installation (setup) program.
  • When selecting databases during installation, be mindful that those selected and not used occupy usable space on the hard drive.

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