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The Agricultural Policy Environmental eXtender – auto-Calibration and UncerTainty Estimator (APEX-CUTE) is coded in Python. The current version includes sensitivity analysis (SA) and the dynamically dimensioned search (DDS) algorithm (Tolson and Shoemaker, 2007) for APEX auto-calibration. Three methods are provided in APEX-CUTE for SA: method of Morris (or EE), Sobol’, and Fourier amplitude sensitivity testing (FAST). As with any SA and/or auto-calibration tools, users should conduct necessary checks for model input and initial runs before conducting SA and/or auto-calibration to make sure that the basic APEX input and setup are correct. APEX-CUTE interacts with APEX by modifying APEX input files with candidate solution, running APEX, evaluating model output by calculating performance statistics, perturbing current best solution to generate candidate solution, and iteratively repeating the process until maximum number of objective function evaluations completed.
Compatible with APEX v.1501 is restricted to those researchers and individuals working with the modeling team to enhance scientific understanding or application of the model. We encourage those with interest  in the model or modifying the model to contact us at epicapex@brc.tamus.edu.


APEX License Agreement

This software (APEX) is not for commercial use and is covered by the GNU General Public License ©agreement: By downloading the source code, you agree to these terms.


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